Wesco Abu Dhabi

During the last thirty years most of the Gulf States have experienced a rapid and sustained pace of development in nearly all walks of life. For the United Arab Emirates in particular the pace of these structural changes has coincided with its pioneering role as an oil producer and exporter.

Since the advent of the Federation in 1971 the U.A.E. has played a leading role in the development of the petroleum industry especially the adaptation of modern technology.

WESCO was established in 1983 as a joint venture between the Bin Hamoodah Organisation and the Weir Group of companies of Scotland.

WESCO workshops represent a Major investment in engineering facilities, machine tooling and other specialized equipment.

This advanced and comprehensive "set up" permits WESCO to offer a "ONE STOP SHOP" for the repair and Overhaul services of most Mechanical And electrical equipment.

Management and Supervision of the Company are seconded from our U.K. Service Organisation and control the following divisions.

  • Rotating Machinery Workshop
  • Comprehensive Machine Shop
  • Premium Connection Workshop
  • Blow Out Preventer Workshop
  • Gas Turbine Workshop
  • Valve Repair Workshop
  • Motor repair and rewind workshop
  • Operation and Maintenance of Waste Water Treatment Plants

Since the time of its establishment WESCO's aim has been to achieve a record of excellence second to none.

After considerable investment in talent, energy and time WESCO developed their Quality Management System and Environmental Protection Management System and when coupled to our Lean and Continuous Improvement Program this confirms the Companies target of improved all round performance reflected in better economies of scale, customer satisfaction and gives us the competitive edge over our competitors.